Political Communication

POLS 418
MWF 10:00-10:50

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Background Information
Marketing and Political Communication
Research Methods
Political Discussion on the Internet
Political Rhetoric
Political Advertising
Media and Campaigns
Hard vs. Soft News
Agenda Setting and Framing
Information Processing and Knowledge
Democratic Engagement
Gender and Political Communication
Talking about Politics

Links to Articles

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Mutz and Wojcieszak (2009)
Johnson et al. (2008)
Delli Carpini et al. (2004)
Marcus (2003)
Baum and Jamison (2006)
Nelson et al. (1997)
Kuklinski et al. (2000)
Price et al. (2002)

Final Exam Information

Your final exam will be similar to your midterm, with the exception that there is an additional long essay. For this essay, I expect a nice five paragraph answer (an introduction, three supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion). You will find the long essay question below. I am giving it to you ahead of time because I think it is important that by the time you have left the class, you have thought thorugh the question.

Long Essay: We read at the beginning of the semester that Lazerfeld and his coauthors concluded in 1944 that the media has minimal effects. Based on what you have read this semester, does the media have minimal effects? You should provide three solid reasons (one healthy paragraph each) to support your argument.

Political Communication Project

Content Analysis

Paper Grading Guide: This is the sheet that I will use to grade the paper for your political communication project.
Expectations: Here are my expectations for your paper.
Presentation Grading Guide: This is the sheet that I will use to grad your presentation.

Sample SPSS Data
Sample Excel Data

SPSS Guide

Group Evaluation Form


Micro-Paper 1 (Due Monday, February 7, in class):

Micro-Paper 2 (Due Wednesday, March 2, at the beginning of class):

Micro-Paper 3 (Due Monday, April 4, at the beginning of class):

Micro-Paper 4 (Due Monday, April 4, at the beginning of class):

Other Links

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Nelson et al. (1997) Framing Study (rough example)